An aerial view of Outlack Quarry taken May 2001

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Environmental Policy




W.J. & H. Crozier are quarry owners and civil engineering contractors who undertake work in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

We recognise that our operations and construction activities may have a significant impact on the environment and that practical concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of our business and that of our clients.

We at W.J. & H. Crozier will:

bulletComply with all relevant environmental legislation. Partners and managers will be aware of current and forthcoming laws, anticipating the consequent changes to the business, to ensure any changes to plant or processes are phased in cost-effectively.


bulletStrive for continuous improvement in our environmental performance and the prevention of pollution and continually monitor and audit that performance. Strive to meet and exceed our objectives and targets as set out within our Environmental Management System.


bulletAdopt sound environmental management practises which meet or exceed legislation.


bulletAchieve and maintain BS8555 Certification and ultimately ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification.


bulletCo-operate with authorities charged with regulatory and monitoring roles and develop positive links with such bodies in order to demonstrate concern for the environment.


bulletIdentify environmental risks during any project planning process, to assess their likely impact on the local, national and international eco-systems. Partners and managers in the company will consider environmental risks at each stage of the development of the business.


bulletKeep abreast of current good practise in the industry, to ensure developing products processes and practices are adopted which cause least harm to the environment.


bulletTrain, inform and instruct staff in the proper use, handling discharge and disposal of articles and substances which have an impact on the environment.


bulletKeep local people informed of the environmental performance of our projects in order to show neighbours that the company cares for the environment and show a documented year on year improvement in environmental performance to all.

Philip Crozier, Partner




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