An aerial view of Outlack Quarry taken May 2001

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External Testing




Results of Testing Carried Out On Our Aggregate

Below are the test results of our aggregate tested by Celtest Ltd, a UKAS accredited testing laboratory.  

 Website: www.celtest.com, E-mail: postmaster@celtest.com


bulletTo determine the Resistance to Wear of Aggregate - Micro Deval Test in accordance with BS EN 1097-1:1996                                                                                                                                             Result: Micro Deval coefficient (MDE) (Dry) = 13)


bulletTo determine the Particle Water absorption for aggregate sample between 4mm and 31.5mm in accordance with BS EN 1097-6:2000 Clause 8                                                                                    Result:  Particle Density on an oven dried basis                 =2.72Mg/m                                                       Particle density on a saturated and surface dried basis       =2.73 Mg/m                                                   Apparent Particle Density                                                         =2.74 Mg/m                                                   Water Absorption (% of dry mass)                                           =0.3%


bulletTo determine the Ten Per Cent Fines Value (TFV) of aggregate sample 10mm and greater in accordance with BS 812: Part 111: 1990                                                                                              Result: Ten per cent fines value (Dry) = 370kN


bulletTo determine the Polished Stone Value (PSV) of aggregate sample in accordance with BS EN 1098:2000                                                                                                                                                              Result: Recorded Polished Stone Value                                                                                                         Test Specimen: Mean Recorded Value (S) = 60.2                                                                                          Control Stone: Mean Recorded Value (C) = 52.6                                                                                          Corrected Polished Stone Value: S =52.5 - C = 60


bulletTo determine the Resistance to Fragmentation of Aggregate - Los Angeles Test Method in accordance with BS EN 1097-2:1998                                                                                                    Result: Los Angeles Coefficient (LA) = 11


bulletTo determine the Aggregate Abrasion Value (AAV) of aggregate sample, in accordance with BS EN 1097-8:2000                                                                                                                                                                    Result: Mean Aggregate Abrasion Value = 4.3


bulletTo determine the Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV) of aggregate sample, in accordance with BS 812: Part 110:1990                                                                                                                                                                Result: Aggregate Crushing Value = 9.8


bulletTo determine the Magnesium Sulphate Soundness Value of aggregate sample within the size range in accordance with BS EN 1367-2:1998                                                                                      Result: Test 1=9.4   Test 2=9.0    Magnesium Sulphate Soundness Value = 9


bulletTo determine the Water Soluble Alkali content of an aggregate sample in accordance with BS 812:1998 and ICP Manufacturers Instructions                                                                                              Result: Water Soluble Alkali Content = 52 mg/kg


bulletTo determine the Water Soluble Chloride salt content in an aggregate sample in accordance with BS EN 1744: Part 1: 1998.Clause 7 (Volhard method)                                                                                Results: Chloride Content of Aggregate = <0.01%


bulletTo determine the Acid Soluble Sulphate of an Aggregate Sample in accordance with BS EN 1744-1: 1998 Clause 12                                                                                                                                              Results: Acid Soluble Sulphate Content as SO3 =0.01%


bulletTo determine the Calcium Carbonate equivalent of aggregate sample in accordance with BS EN 196: Part 21: 1992                                                                                                                                             Results: Calcium Carbonate Equivalent = 8.591%        


bulletTo carry out a chemical analysis on an aggregate sample.                                                                       Results: SiO2                 58.5%                      TiO2                0.8%

                           Al2O3                15.1%                       Fe2O3            6.8%

                           MnO                   0.1%                        MgO               4.0%

                           CaO                   4.4%                        Na2O              2.7%

                            K2O                   2.5%                        P2O5               0.2%

                           Loss on ignition:2.8%


bulletAggregate Flakiness Index.                                                                                                                    Aggregate Flakiness Index is tested externally by the Road Service UKAS accredited Laboratory in Armagh as well as internally in our own laboratory at Outlack. The most recent results can be obtained on request via email. 






Results of Testing Carried Out On Our Bitmac/Asphalt 

Samples of bituminous mixtures are taken regularly on a basis that coincides with the UKAS Sector Scheme 14.

 The table below shows the minimum frequencies for undertaking compositional analysis.

Minimum Frequencies (Tonnes/Test)

Maximum Number Not Complying in Last 30 Analyses

Surface Course

Binder Course Base (Roadbase)
2 in 30 Q2 400 600 1000
4 in 30 Q4 200 300 500
6 in 30 Q6 100 150 200
More than 6 in 30 Qx 75 75 150

The value shown in column 1 shall be based on the most recent results of all materials produced by our plant. This will be known as the 'Q Level' of the plant. Customers can obtain on demand the current Q Level of the plant at any time. One sample in every ten samples based on the minimum testing frequency is tested externally in a UKAS accredited laboratory i.e. Armagh Roads Service

Copies of recent results of asphalt test reports from Armagh Road Service's laboratory or from our own laboratory can be obtained on request via e-mail.


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